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My clinical work has included services in multiple levels of psychological care, from outpatient to inpatient-residential, which means I have a wide variety of experiences to draw upon for treatment.


Before entering private practice, I spent two years as the Substance Abuse Specialist for a large collection of federally qualified health centers, where in addition to clinical work, I was also responsible for developing and managing programs related to substance abuse treatment and outreach.

Prior, I worked for three years in detox, residential, partial hospitalization, and intensive outpatient levels of care treating individuals with high acuity concerns. For example, frequent diagnoses included bipolar I and II, schizophrenia, severe substance use, and other such disorders. In this type of setting, clients receive a combination of groups and individual therapy, as well as medical and psychiatric services.

I am also a multinationally-licensed psychologist, with licensure in California (#PSY29563) and France (#759384944). I am available for telehealth services to those within each of these jurisdictions.

For a complete picture of my clinical and academic work, feel free to visit my profile on LinkedIn.

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I attended the California School of Professional Psychology, which is a program accredited by the American Psychological Association, where I earned a PhD in Clinical Psychology (2015) and a Master of Arts in Clinical Psychology (2013). Earlier in my education, I graduated from UCLA with a Bachelor of Arts in Psychology and Linguistics (2008). One's education when it comes to the field of psychology never truly ends, so I continue learning the newest psychological treatments and innovations at various workshops, conventions, and through collaboration. My research and continued interests explore how adults and adolescents psychologically adapt to technology, social media, and dating apps.


My style is to be authentic, friendly, and frequently use humor; however, I remain goal-focused, I tend to challenge during session, and I help clients take accountability for their thoughts, feelings, and behaviors.


I respect and appreciate how race, ethnicity, culture, sexual orientation, religion, gender, and all manner of diversity impact symptoms and feelings, and I engage with clients from that understanding. I also provide LGBTQ-affirmative therapy and have significant experience working with clients living with HIV/AIDS. I am a sex-positive ally to the kink community, sex industry workers, and those in open and non-monogamous relationships.

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